Bruce first came to me on an emergency basis due to a fractured tooth. After examining his mouth and talking with him it became clear what he needed. Although Bruce just came in for the one broken tooth, Bruce really wanted a smile he could be proud of. He was tired of replacing things over the years as they broke (“patchwork dentistry”). Bruce felt that he was in a position now where he could give himself what he deserved–a great smile! Together, we decided to proceed with porcelain crowns from the upper molar on the left to the upper molar on the right. Once this process was complete, Bruce was extremely proud of his new smile. He finds that people now focus on HIM when he speaks rather than on his beautiful wife! Bruce has regained a certain confidence and now shows off his pearly whites at every opportunity!


This patient was happy with her smile but did not like how her teeth stained when she was out with friends and was to have a glass of wine, for example. In her pictures her teeth appeared to be rather dark. At the consultation, we discussed how veneers would not only address this issue but we would also be able to give her a fuller smile, a “perfect” smile. This was excellent timing as she was getting married in a month. Two weeks later, from start to finish, this is what we were able to accomplish for her.


After a consultation with Danielle, it was clear that although her teeth looked “nice enough” (straight and fairly white in shade) she was unhappy with her smile. It became clear that she needed more length added to her teeth as they were too short for her face. She also wanted a whiter smile without having to bleach them on a consistent basis. She went from a nice smile to a WOW smile! She feels much more confident and is very happy she decided to go with this course of treatment.


No one close to him knew but Jacobs teeth had bothered him for years. Being in the business community now, he felt the time was right to sharpen his look. After careful consideration he took the plunge and hasn’t looked back. He smiles a lot more and has all the self-confidence on the outside that he always had on the inside. He is so happy with the results!