If you’re looking to enhance your smile, without completely changing the way you look, a person could choose to do a group of teeth only. Above is an example of how porcelain crowns from the upper molar on the left to the upper molar on the right can transform the overall look of your smile. If you’ve been holding back, we can help you discover the possibilities to give you the confidence in your smile.

Do you find your teeth stain easily? It’s quite common, especially for those who enjoy the occasional red wine, coffee and let’s not forget smoking can transfer colour easily leaving you with a less desirable shade of white. In some cases, whitening can help brighten up your teeth but is not permanent. There is always the option to consider a permanent solution such as Veneers. Veneers are less likely (if at all) to hold onto stains and colour transfer, not to mention you can choose the shade, size, and appearance of your smile. Sounds like something you want to learn more about; Book your no obligation consultation Today!

Some of us have genetically smaller teeth, making the appearance of our smile and shape of our mouths appear smaller. By adding more length to your teeth, you can achieve a more “Proportionate” appearance to your face. Oh and of course there is the added benefit of a whiter smile without having to bleach them on a consistent basis. Holding back on giving a 100-Watt smile? Give us a call to discuss your options!

Due to a persons genetic makeup, some people’s teeth may be naturally lighter or darker than others. There can also be color variations that are obvious yet normal. Some people have teeth that tend to be more blue-grey, while others more yellow brown. This range of normal is why when you have a porcelain crown or white filling placed that your dentist gets out their “shade guide.” If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile, there are varying options available to you.